Oregano Essential Oil – Not just for cooking

Oregano Essential Oil – Not just for cooking

At the start of my EO education, I was surprised to discover that oregano was among the vast list of available essential oils. I always knew that oregano was used in that “delicious spaghetti sauce“, but that was the extent of my knowledge. In terms of health and wellness, I could not imagine the benefits related to this well known herb, other than adding flavour of course. But I did learn quickly.

My last bout of bronchitis, I turned to Oregano Essential Oil without hesitation. It was my first experience using this oil for an ailment. I was pleasantly surprised that my suffering was reduced to only two weeks rather than the typical 6 to 8 weeks to recover. Oregano Essential Oil is another big must-have in your home remedy kit. Let me explain why.

What’s in a drop of Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano Essential Oil has a vast list of properties from anti-viral, antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-parasitic. This essential oil also provides a strong boost to the immune system. When plagued with viruses, staph infections, parasites, fungus and respiratory infections, Oregano EO is THE go-to oil.

Two of the active ingredients in Oregano EO is carvacrol and thymol. To begin with, carvacrol is only cultivated from the oregano plant. It has strong antimicrobial  and antioxidants properties. In an interesting article from the Global Healing Center, carvacrol is described as an important ingredient in the fight against salmonella, E. Coli and Candida.

Thymol is also a derivative of the oregano and thyme plants. This compound carries antimicrobial, antiseptic and antioxidant properties.  The fact that both of these ingredients are active within the oregano plant reinforces the power and effectiveness of this very important essential oil.

What can I use Oregano EO for?

Oregano Essential Oil has many properties to help the body fight infections and viruses. One common method is to apply a drop to the bottom of each foot. This essential oil will quickly enter the body and help fight against viruses and infections. Oregano EO also speeds up your recovery time as it helps to boost your already compromised immune system.

feetThe introduction of essential oils into your body by applying a drop to the bottom of the feet is an effective method.   The soles of the feet have the largest pores. The essential oils are absorbed more quickly and efficiently.  From a reflexology point of view, the bottom of your feet have the greatest concentration of nerve endings. This way, multiple organs and systems are reached simultaneously  with one application.


You can use Oregano EO in the treatment of athlete’s foot or nail fungus. Simply apply the oil topically to the affected areas. For more sensitive regions, add Oregano EO with a carrier oil, such as Fractionated Coconut oil, to dilute. It is important to note that Oregano EO is a hot oil, and can cause possible skin sensitivities when used topically. It is always best to dilute before applying if you are unsure.

Further benefits of this powerful EO

An easy way to ingest Oregano EO is to add a few drops, along with a carrier oil, in an empty veggie capsule. This method is effective for a wide range of ailments. Oregano EO can help with urinary tract infections, candida, and viruses, when taken internally. Add other essential oils, such as Lemongrass, Frankincense or Thyme, with the Oregano, to increase the effectiveness.

Add a drop or two of Oregano EO to warm water and gargle to help with a case of tonsilitis or strep throat. The active antimicrobial properties of this oil will help your body fight these types of infections. As always, follow up with your family physician if your symptoms do not improve or worsen.

Wash your fruits and vegetables with water and a few drops of Oregano EO. The antibacterial properties will wash away any lingering viruses or unwanted germs residing on them. Mix several drops of Oregano EO with water in a glass spray bottle. This mixture is an effective mold and fungus killer for your bathroom or shower stall.

Don’t let the aroma fool you!

Oregano Essential Oil does carry a strong aroma, and when used topically, you will probably smell like a pizza. But don’t let the strong smell discourage you from using this powerful oil. The health benefits associated with this essential oil far outweigh its fragrance. Oregano’s ability to fight infections and viruses make it a superior and instrumental essential oil to assist any weakened immune system. This oil should be in your first line of defense for many ailments.

I almost forgot! Be sure to add a drop or two to your favorite Italian dish. The flavour is through the roof, and it is healthy for your entire family. Enjoy!!!





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