The Health Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils

The Health Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils

I love entering someone’s home and being greeted by the amazing aromas of a home cooked meal. The scent of freshly baked bread is another one of my favorites smells, welcoming you like an old friend. Even the fragrance of a bouquet of red roses, or the arrival of spring announced by lilacs and hyacinths, rank among my favorite smells. All are powerful scents that awaken the senses and transport you to a different time of peace and happiness.

I now have these same emotions when I diffuse essential oils in my home. The tangy scents of the citrus oils, or the fall aromas of cinnamon and cloves, often greet my guests. Each essential oil carries a distinct scent that envelops your home and lays out the welcome mat for all those who visit.

The magical part of diffusing essential oils, I mean, aside from the fragrance, is each oil is actually introducing properties that uplift your health and boost your immune system. As I compose this blog post and enjoy the aroma of Citrus Bliss Blend EO in my diffuser, let’s examine the health benefits associated with diffusing essential oils.

What Exactly is Diffusing Anyway?


Diffusing is a method of introducing essential oils into the very air that you breathe.  The ultrasonic diffuser creates a soft mist from water infused with an essential oil. This mist is then dispersed into the air by a small fan. The cool mist carries the fragrance of the essential oil without compromising its properties and overall health benefits. There are different models of diffusers on the market that you can use for this purpose. With its growth in popularity, diffusers are now available in different styles and sizes, often with a soft LED light as an added feature.

Dispersing essential oils into the air by the use of heat, such as a candle or electricity, is not a recommended method. This technique tends to break down the properties of the essential oils, thus minimizing the overall effectiveness. You will want to experience all the benefits your essential oil has to offer, and the use of heat denatures the potency of the EO.

A third option is available for dispensing essential oils. With the use of an atomizing diffuser, the oil is released directly from its bottle. It infuses the air with undiluted essential oil. The atomizing diffuser pushes the EO through a screen, converting it into a fine mist of microscopic droplets. The essential oil is thus dispersed into the air in its purest form. This method allows you to benefit fully from all of its therapeutic properties.

What Benefits Can I Gain from Diffusing?

The air that we breathe is invisible to the human eye. This thought is a sobering one. This statement implies that the germs, viruses, and micro organisms that reside in the air are also invisible. There is no way to visually assess the purity of the air. You cannot see the dangers lurking within its structure. Diffusing essential oils into the air can remove the impurities and germs. It will eliminate these microscopic fiends that casually find their way into our respiratory system.

I personally diffuse On Guard Protective Blend EO every day. This blend contains five essential oils that carry antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. This combination attacks airborne pathogens, bacteria and viruses that thrive in the air. By diffusing this blend of EO, you can rid your surroundings of these pesky organisms before they take up residence in your body. This blend is a must for every household, and an effective way of protecting every member of the family. On Guard EO is perfect for purifying the air in all types of public settings, such as waiting rooms, class rooms, retirement homes, and restaurants alike. A very effective and important essential oil blend indeed.

happiness-by-jill111Diffusing essential oils with uplifting properties, such as Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend, Peppermint, Grapefruit, or Elevation Joyful Blend EO, can form an environment of energized productivity. These essential oils create an invigorating atmosphere that will help you focus. You will be more productive, and remain inspired with the tasks at hand. The beautiful fragrance will also bring a smile to your face and maintain a balanced emotional state of mind and wellness.



Improving Your Respiratory Function

Another wonderful benefit of diffusing essential oils is the noticeable improvement to your breathing. Many essential oils, such as Peppermint, Lemon and Eucalyptus EO, carry common antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help to reduce inflammation and mucus buildup in the lungs and respiratory system. Diffusing these essential oils, including Breathe (Easy Air) Respiratory Blend, allows deeper breathing. This is crucial in maintaining healthy oxygen levels at a cellular level, and thus to all the vital organs in the body.

Tucking You In For A Good Night’s Sleep

With so many people complaining of sleep issues, diffusing essential oils in your bedroom is a perfect and natural way of achieving a restful night sleep. The most popular essential oil for sleep is, of course, Lavender EO. In an earlier blog post, Sleep and Smell the Lavender, I outline several issues that can prevent you from sleeping. One of my suggestions to help alleviate this problem is to diffuse Lavender EO at bedtime. This oil has relaxing, soothing and sedative properties, that can assist you in falling asleep faster.

sleeping-by-wokandapixThere are many more essential oils that carry these same properties. For those who have not been successful with Lavender, you can also try Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage, or Vetiver EO. I also love diffusing Serenity Calming Blend EO at night to help me relax and shake off the day’s hectic pace. You can certainly diffuse several of these suggestions to find what combination works best for you. Don’t be scared to experiment and try different blends of essential oils. When you discover that perfect recipe, a good night’s sleep will be waiting for you in the cool mist of your diffuser.


Don’t be Shy! Create Your Own Blend

Now to the fun part! Not all diffusing of essential oils need to be for the benefit of what ails you. Experimenting with the essential oils, and finding unique blend mixtures is the exciting part. There are so many essential oils, each having specific properties and health benefits. You are always ahead when you begin to diffuse essential oils in your home or office. But please do not restrict yourself to the serious stuff. Have some fun!!!

In the summer time, I absolutely love do diffuse a refreshing summer blend of 2 drops each of Grapefruit, Tangerine, Lime and Spearmint EO. The air is transformed into a day at the beach, and I can almost hear the waves crashing. Another favorite blend of mine is the Mint Creamsicle, combining 3 drops of Spearmint EO and 4 drops of Citrus Bliss Blend. The aroma will cool you right down.

Combining 6 drops of Wild Orange, 1 drop of Patchouli and 1 drop of Ginger EO, you can bring the autumn fragrance into your home. Two drops each of Clove, Ginger, and Cinnamon EO will make you believe that you have stepped into the forest full of fallen leaves.

The Christmas season, with the wonderful aromas that fill your home, is a magical time indeed. With 4 drops of Wintergreen and 2 drops of Cinnamon EO, your house will be filled with Christmas candy. If you don’t like the mess associated with a real Christmas tree, but truly miss its fragrance, diffuse 3 drops of Douglas Fir and 3 drops of Cedarwood EO. You are welcome for that blend.

Honorable Mentions for Diffusing Essential Oils

Sadly, you cannot carry your diffuser everywhere you go. There are, however, other methods available to diffuse your essential oils away from home. You can purchase aromatic pendants or bracelets that contain a terracotta disk or lava bead for diffusing your favorite essential oil. Simply apply one or two drops of EO to the bead or disk, and wear. Throughout the day, you can inhale directly from your necklace or bracelet, and enjoy the aroma and health benefits.

Car diffusers are also available for diffusing essential oils in your vehicle. The benefit of diffusing Peppermint EO on long trips, for example, will help keep the driver sharp and focused on driving. When picking up the kids from school, diffusing On Guard Protective Blend will help to keep the germs and viruses at bay. Another wonderful option for diffusing essential oils on the go.

What are your favorite blends of essential oils to diffuse? Please share with us so we can all enjoy your magical and fragrant suggestions.



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