A Day in the Life of the Common Cold

A Day in the Life of the Common Cold

I always planned on writing a blog about the common cold. But this morning, when I woke up with that painful sore throat and runny nose, I thought to myself: No time like the present.

In the past, when I would get that horrible feeling, I would reach for whatever was available in the medicine cabinet. I would load up on the recent cold and sinus tablets, and sugary cough drops that would only last until the next coughing fit. I would settle into bed and sleep the day away, hoping that this time, it would only last a few days.

Today, I was not worried when that sore throat greeted me. With Essential Oils in hand, I armed myself with the best arsenal to defeat this cold. I had no doubt that my day would end much better that it had began. How did I do it? Let’s go through a day in the life of the common cold.

First, that horrible sore throat

We have all had that painful sore throat. You don’t even want to swallow because it hurts so much. You brace yourself on the edge of the bed and attempt a swallow. This is followed by the painful cringe of your face, and possibly a tear rolling down your cheek. This is exactly how I started my day. This time, though, I knew exactly what to do: a melaleuca lick.

Yep! It sounds awful, and in all honesty, it really does not taste very good. Still, I placed one drop of melaleuca essential oil on the back of my hand, and licked the oil with my tongue. I then curled my tongue and reached as far back in my throat as I could. I held it there for as long as possible, then I swallowed. Still does not taste good, but it is incredibly effective. Within seconds, I could swallow without any pain.

After a few minutes, the pain would come back, so I would repeat the process. After repeating the melaleuca lick for up to five times, my sore throat was gone. During the course of the day, I had to repeat the process a couple more times, but now, I no longer have a sore throat. For me, that is amazing, for I have had sore throats that have lasted for several days. I have now reduced that pain down to a few hours.

Melaleuca Essential Oil‘s top properties are antiseptic and antiviral, and works wonders at stopping a sore throat in its tracks. By ingesting directly in the back of the throat, the oil can quickly get to the source of whatever germ or virus is trying to attack your body. The amazing boost to the immune system increases the power to evict these germs from your system.

Next, the congestion and runny nose

It was as though I lost the use of one nostril. No air was coming in or going out. Again, this was a simple plan of attack. In the palm of my hand, I grouped one drop of each of Lemon Essential Oil, and two amazing essential oil blends, On Guard and Easy Air. I then rubbed my hands together and inhaled deeply. Wow! You can feel the oils burrow a hole in that clogged nostril, and again, I could breathe. Throughout the day, whenever the congestion tried to re-establish itself, I would again combine these drops in my hand and inhale again. The excess oil would be rubbed on the back of my neck or chest.

A big pile of sick by Jeremy NobleLemon Essential Oil has antibacterial and antiseptic properties and supports healthy respiratory function. On Guard is a magical blend of several essential oils including Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. This blend helps fight both viral and bacterial threats. As for Easy Air, among other essential oils, it also contains Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lemon and Peppermint. This blend worked wonders for my congestion, cough and respiratory issues.


Last plan of attack

My final plan of attack was the use of Oregano Essential Oil rubbed on the soles of my feet. Another oil with properties of antibacterial and antiviral, this oil helped my  body to fight any infections that may have been trying to move into my weakened immune system. As for my sinus headache, I would rub that wonderful Peppermint Essential Oil along my forehead, temples, and back of neck. This oil was also perfect in keeping my low grade fever at bay.

So now, the day is at its end. My throat feels fine, I have no more congestion. Funny, but I did not get any coughing fits, because I attacked this cold before it could enter my lungs. Before I go to sleep tonight, I will inhale the Lemon / Easy Air / On Guard combination. But that is it. My cold is gone before it really began. With the use of Essential Oils, I managed to eliminate the attacks on my immune system and come out the victor. And that, my friends, is how you manage the common cold.




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  • Meagan Roy

    September 21, 2016 at 8:36 am Reply

    What about the use of Oregano Oil for your sore throat?

    • Nicole A. Gervais

      September 21, 2016 at 1:52 pm Reply

      Oregano Essential Oil is considered a “Hot Oil”. It is very strong in taste as well as in odor. It would be extremely difficult and unpleasant to do an Oregano lick similar to the Meleluca lick. Better to keep Oregano EO at the feet, far away from the nose and mouth.

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