How to Use Essential Oils – The A-T-I Methods

How to Use Essential Oils – The A-T-I Methods

When I begin a new blog, the opening sentence is always the hardest to write. This first line sets the tone for the topic to be discussed. It has to capture the audience and spark curiosity to compel them to continue reading. In fact, as I began writing that perfect opening sentence for this post, something occurred to me.  I realized, as I laughed to myself, that this is exactly how a new user of essential oils feels.

For you, though, that opening sentence is actually  a very common question. I mean, you have read the blogs, did research on several essential oils, and thought to yourself that it is time to integrate these amber colored bottles filled with essential oils into your everyday life. Your health depends on it, and that is the goal here after all.

So you have received your first order of essential oils, and after the excitement and initial opening and smelling of the beautiful aroma, that daunting question still remains. As a new consumer of EO, this question is more common than you might realize:  “Now what?”

Altering the Mindset

You absently rub your forehead and realize that you have a headache. You consumed a large meal, and find that you have indigestion. You have been trying to fall asleep for the past two hours but have been unsuccessful. You are suffering from a nasty cold. You just burned yourself on the stove.  You get a paper cut while reading a book. You pushed yourself at the gym, and your muscles are reminding you with every step you take.

These are common, and typical situations that we find ourselves in during the course of daily living. For as far back as I can remember, the easiest and most common method to alleviate these problems were to reach for man-made medicinal relief in the form of over the counter pills or cream in a tube, or even stronger medication you have on hand in your medicine cabinet. You do not even think about it. Out of habit, you simply reach for the easiest way to help with what ails you.

stretched-mind-by-frontlerofficialThis is the mindset that I speak of, that out-of-habit method, because you feel that you have no other options. But I am here to tell you that there is most certainly, a more natural and effective option available to all. The narrative is the only change you have to make to benefit from the use of essential oils on a daily basis.




The New Mindset

So the next time you have a headache, reach for Peppermint EO instead. For that upset stomach, think Peppermint or DigestZen EO Blend. Can’t sleep? Lavender or Serenity Essential Oil Blend will do the trick. Reach for Breathe EO Blend or Oregano and Melaluca EO for that nasty cold. Lavender for that burn or Frankincense for that cut. And trust me, you will love Deep Blue EO Blend for those achy sore muscles. All of these are natural, healthier and simpler choices that will work fast, and effectively. Change your mindset for a healthier you. You can thank me later.

But back to that question of “Now what?” Most of you are aware of the amazing properties of essential oils and how they can work wonders. And again, you have these beautiful amber bottles filled with essential oils just itching to come out and meet you. Let me explain the A-T-I  Methods to you.

The three methods of using essential oils are as follows: Aromatic – Topical – Internal. (A-T-I). Hopefully, I will answer the question that every new essential oil user asks.

Method #1 – Aromatic

Aromatic is a very simple and effective method to benefit from essential oils, and is achieved using many different techniques. By placing a drop or two of the oil in the palm of your hand and rubbing your hands together, you can deeply inhale the fragrance very quickly. This method is wonderful when introducing essential oils to your nasal passages and respiratory system. You can instantly feel the EO go to work from your nose to your lungs.

doterra-petal-diffuserWith the use of an ultrasonic mist diffuser, essential oils can be liberated in the very air that you breath. Essential oils can be added to water and introduced into the air via a cool mist. Anyone breathing the EO infused air benefit directly from the therapeutic and aromatic properties of the oil used. You can try so many different blends that can energize, soothe, or simply kill nasty air borne germs and pathogens. I personally diffuse Breathe, On Guard, and Serenity EO Blends every night in my diffuser as I drift off to sleep.

There are several other methods available. You can blend 1-2 drops of EO in water and, from a glass spray bottle, mist your pillows and bedding. On a wooden clothes pin infused with EO, clip it to your car or furnace vent to release the aroma. There are clay pendants and bracelets that are specific for the application of your favorite essential oils. You can simply remove the cap from your bottle and greet the aroma by inhaling its fragrance.

Method #2 – Topical

You can apply essential oils directly to your skin (neat) or by diluting the EO with a carrier oil such as olive, grapeseed, or Fractionated Coconut before applying to the desired area. Essential oils enter the bloodstream very quickly, usually between 20-30 seconds from application. The relief that is sought occurs very quickly, a wonderful benefit indeed.

Some essential oils, such as Lemon, Wild Orange, Lime and Bergamot, can cause the skin to be very sensitive to UV exposure and sunlight. Other stronger oils like Cassia, Cinnamon and Oregano may also cause skin sensitivity. The use of a carrier oil is recommended when using certain EO on the skin. You can typically apply essential oils to the bottom of the feet as a safe area.

The use of a carrier oil also serves a few more purposes. For the use of EO on children, it will dilute the potency and slow down the absorption into the system. One or two drops of EO can be spread on a larger area of the body with the use of a carrier oil. The carrier oil will also slow down the evaporation of the EO allowing more of the properties to be absorbed into the body. Just remember that the use of water to remove unwanted EO will actually intensify the oil. A carrier oil is used for this purpose as well.

Method #3 – Internal

Not all essential oils are created equal and are 100% pure. In my recent blog post How Pure is my Essential Oil?, I address this very topic. The label on the essential oil bottle must indicate a Supplements Facts and serving size, and indicate the dietary use of the oil. Always verify these facts on your essential oil bottle prior to ingesting.

You can add essential oils to your drinking water or tea for added flavor as well as health benefits. I love adding Peppermint or Lemon EO to my drinking water. Essential oils are fat-soluble and can easily be metabolized by the body’s organs. There is no side effects with the use of EO as they do not linger or accumulate within the body. Essential oils come from nature and derived from plants. Our bodies will easily process the compounds found in EO and expel them once the benefits have been removed. This is all done in a very natural and effective way.

veggie_caps_high_res_image_us_englishCertain essential oils, although very beneficial to our health, just don’t taste good. I am thinking of the Oregano, Frankincense, and Melaluca type oils. You can ingest these oils by adding a drop or two to an empty veggie cap and swallowed. This method is very effective for those who do not appreciate the aroma of essential oils, but would still like to benefit from the healing properties.



Change Your Mindset Today

You can place a drop or two of Balance EO Blend under your tongue to calm yourself before that big meeting.  The next time you have a sore throat, apply a drop of Melaluca to the tip of your tongue, and hold at the back of your throat for fast relief.  Add a drop or two of Slim & Sassy EO Blend to your glass of water to help manage hunger and boost your metabolism. Simply verify your label before ingesting, and you will be on the right path to a healthier and wellness you.

Now is the time to alter your mindset and join me in the healthier world of essential oils. I always think essential oils when anyone comes to me with an ailment or health concern. The more I use my EO, the more I discover how amazing they work. This in my new mindset. Now it is your turn. Enjoy!!!






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